Questions To Ask Possible DUI Attorneys

Questions To Ask Possible DUI Attorneys

24 February 2019
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If you get arrested for a DUI, you can expect to go through a long legal process to clear your name. Before you do anything, you need to retain a DUI defense attorney to represent you. When you search for an attorney, there are several questions you should plan to ask before you make a final decision. The following are some questions you should ask before choosing an attorney:

What Is Your Experience?

When you start your search, make sure you choose an attorney who is experienced and specializes in DUI cases. Some states provide special training for attorneys to specialize in DUI cases. An attorney then has additional training which can benefit you in your case.

You should also ask about other cases the attorneys have been involved in. Find out how long he or she has been in practice and what his or her track record is regarding winning and losing cases.

How Will You Manage the Case?

Another question you should ask is how he or she will manage your case. For instance, some attorneys may spread their cases out to various attorneys within the practice. Typically, when you hire an attorney, you would expect he or she would be directly involved in your case. However, different firms have their own management practices, so you want to be sure you know exactly who will be representing you when you are in court. Knowing this information will help you decide whether or not you want to work with a particular firm.

How Do You Accept Payments?

Hiring an attorney for your DUI case is expensive. When you research attorneys, be sure to ask about their fees and how payments are handled. Some attorneys will charge you an upfront fee. Others charge on an hourly retainer. When you ask about fees, be sure you ask about which services are covered. For instance, if your case requires special witnesses or expert testimony, you will have to find out if your fees will cover those or if they will come at an additional cost. You should also ask if prospective attorneys will work on contingency or if they offer payment plans to help you afford legal services.

When you meet with different attorneys, be sure you have all the necessary details about your case. He or she will want to look at your case to determine if your case is one they wish to take on. Bring your police report, bail documents, and anything else pertaining to your case.