Examples Of Personal Injury Cases That Involve Recklessness

Examples Of Personal Injury Cases That Involve Recklessness

3 February 2019
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People often associate personal injury cases with negligence or carelessness. For example, if you've fallen and hurt yourself because a store didn't clean up a wet and slippery floor, this is a case of negligence. The store's employees weren't malicious, but didn't do enough to provide you with a safe shopping experience. However, there are also personal injury cases that involve recklessness. In other words, one party intentionally behaved in a reckless manner, resulting in an injury to another party. If you've been hurt in an act of recklessness such as one of the following, contact a personal injury attorney.

Car Accident

If you have sustained an injury after being in a car accident as a passenger, the idea of pursuing legal action against the driver may not immediately come to mind — especially if the driver was a friend or colleague. However, if the driver was acting in a reckless manner prior to the collision, he or she was paying little heed to your safety. Perhaps the driver was speeding well above the limit or had been drinking before getting behind the wheel. In these scenarios, you'll want to consult with a personal injury attorney to plan a case based on the defendant's recklessness.


Many instances of horseplay start innocently, whether it's a pair of acquaintances jokingly wrestling around the backyard at a barbecue or one friend playfully grabbing another from behind at a house party. However, horseplay can sometimes lead to injuries, and while minor injuries may prompt you to just want to put the incident behind you, it's a different story if you've been seriously hurt and the injury is costing you money. You may have the grounds for a successful personal injury suit centered around the reckless behavior of the other party.


Like horseplay, pranks can also be innocent — but they can also lead to injuries, including those that are serious. If you've been the victim of a prank that has resulted in a costly injury, legal action may be your best way to proceed. For example, if someone were to put a slippery substance on the soles of your shoes, resulting in you slipping and falling upon putting the shoes on, you might suffer a head injury, a back injury, or various broken bones. Your attorney will strongly argue that the defendant's reckless behavior put your safety at risk and that he or she should be responsible for your medical expenses.

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