How Non-Alcoholic Beverages Can Cause Serious Car Accidents

19 December 2022
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While drinking alcohol and driving is very illegal, drinking other beverages is not as long as the driver's BAC is not above the legal limit. However, drinking while driving can cause other problems such as serving as a distraction and causing a car accident. If a driver was distracted while drinking, they might be considered negligent and may be held responsible for an accident. Drinking Can Lead to Distracted Driving Read More …

Fundamental Information You Should Have About Truck Accidents Lawsuits

25 October 2022
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Whether you have been involved in a truck accident before or not, it's crucial to understand that these accidents have serious consequences. For instance, victims can suffer severe injuries and property damage. In some cases, there may also be fatalities. Since all vehicles generally use the same roads, it's a good idea to know more about truck accidents in order to be better protected while driving. The information can also guide you in understanding what to do if an accident occurs. Read More …

Before The Lawsuit: What Victims Should Know

6 October 2022
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Lawsuits can sometimes follow a car accident but often several events occur first. Read on and find out what happens before you end up taking the other driver to court to get what is owed to you. Knowing What You are Owed It's vital to know how much you are owed. Your lawyer will have you wait until you have been cleared by your doctors to add up your damages. Your medical bills and other expenses are added together and your pain and suffering are figured out by your lawyer. Read More …

What Are Your Civil Defense Options to Dismiss a Case?

9 September 2022
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Any person or organization on the defensive side of a civil lawsuit is likely wondering what their options are to dismiss the matter. If you visit a civil defense law firm, there's a good chance they'll explore at least one of the following four choices. Standing A civil defense attorney might question whether the complainant has any standing to bring the suit. While Americans have a reputation for mindlessly suing everybody, the law isn't a fan of such cases. Read More …

3 Ways That Your Spouse Might Prolong The Divorce Process And How To Stop It

26 July 2022
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Deciding to walk away from someone you have shared a life with is tough. However, once you have made that decision, it is natural to want the legal part of the process completed as soon as possible. Sometimes, the partner will cooperate, and you will have a straightforward process dealing with everything about the separation. However, sometimes the spouse might have issues they aren't willing to openly disclose and sabotage your efforts to complete the process as soon as possible. Read More …