3 Ways That Your Spouse Might Prolong The Divorce Process And How To Stop It

3 Ways That Your Spouse Might Prolong The Divorce Process And How To Stop It

26 July 2022
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Deciding to walk away from someone you have shared a life with is tough. However, once you have made that decision, it is natural to want the legal part of the process completed as soon as possible. Sometimes, the partner will cooperate, and you will have a straightforward process dealing with everything about the separation. However, sometimes the spouse might have issues they aren't willing to openly disclose and sabotage your efforts to complete the process as soon as possible. Here are the three most common reasons spouses deliberately slow your divorce process and how a divorce lawyer can help.

They Do Not Want the Divorce

Sometimes one partner realizes the union is not the best thing for them before the other does. When this happens, it becomes hard to get on the same page about divorce proceedings. The spouse who refuses to sign the papers or attend the sessions is probably holding onto the fallacy that by buying time, they will save the union. However, this is manipulative and leaves everyone upset without focusing on what truly matters. It is best to speak to your family lawyer as soon as you suspect your partner's intentions. They will know the ideal way to handle them and get a quick and amicable dissolution. 

They are Playing Money Games

It is common for people to worry about their money when the issue of divorce comes up. Money games include someone trying to run up your legal fees to get back at you. They could also try to dry up your living expenses and hide their assets. A good lawyer will catch on to these games and find a way out.

They Are Bitter or Spiteful

People give different emotional reactions to the things affecting them. It is not strange for someone to react to divorce with bitterness. A bitter person will do everything to sabotage the proceedings and slow down the legal process. It can be very stressful to be locked in a legal battle for months or years with a person whose only goal is to punish you for deciding to leave them. It is advisable to work through such a situation with a competent lawyer. They will figure out a way to complete the process. 

Understanding the motivation behind your spouse's behavior will be the first step in resolving it. Having a competent lawyer will help you minimize the strife you will go through during the divorce. 

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