Dealing With Unfair Pay At Work

Dealing With Unfair Pay At Work

10 October 2019
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Although money is needed to make a living, it doesn't mean that someone has to accept unfair treatment by an employer to bring home an income. It is necessary for the majority of employers to pay a specific rate per hour, but it depends on the job type and state laws. If you have a stressful job that involves doing a substantial amount of work for a very small rate of pay per hour, something can possibly be done about it. You might be able to request that your pay is raised to a fair amount of money per hour, as well as be compensated for income that you deserved in the past. If you are ready to take legal action against your employer, continue reading this article to find out how hiring an attorney can be helpful.

How Much Do You Get Paid Per Hour?

Your rights in an employment discrimination lawsuit can depend on the specific amount of money that you are being paid. For instance, if you are at least making the minimum wage that is set by the laws in your state, you might not have a solid case. However, if you are getting paid even slightly under minimum wage, it is a sufficient enough claim to pursue legal actions against your employer. Your attorney can ask you questions in regards to important factors in the situation to determine if you should file a lawsuit. They might also suggest trying to settle the situation by way of mediation, which is a good option for fast results if your employer settles.

Did You Immigrate from Another Country?

It is possible that you are being discriminated against for not being a citizen of the United States. As long as you are in the country legally and have the right to work, you must be paid a fair wage by your employer. What an attorney can do is investigate your employer to find out if they have been paying other foreign employees a low wage. If the investigation proves to solidify their beliefs, the other employees can possibly act as your witnesses.

Have You Ever Requested a Pay Raise?

If you have requested a pay raise in the past and was threatened with termination because of it, let your attorney know. You cannot be terminated for simply requesting a pay raise. You might be able to not only get your pay raised to a fair amount after hiring an attorney but also keep your job.

For more information, contact an employment attorney in your area.