What To Do After A Concert Injury

What To Do After A Concert Injury

9 November 2021
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With music festivals and other large events becoming much more commonplace, many more people are heading out to music shows. Unfortunately, many venues and shows are not as safe as they should be. As a result, you could face serious injuries because another party was negligent or reckless.

Were you injured at a concert? Here's what you need to know about your legal options.

Get Medical Treatment Immediately

If you are injured at a concert, the first thing you need to do is seek medical treatment. Move away from the crowd as quickly as possible and seek medical services on-site. You may call an ambulance if one is not available. After the concert, make sure to follow up with your doctor and continue to receive the medical treatment you need.

Gather Evidence

After the injury, you should take pictures. If possible, take pictures at the scene of the injury and show the circumstances that may have led to your accident as well. The pictures should be useful to help you tell the story about what happened.

Write Down the Events

Your next step is to write down as much of the event as you can remember. Take note of everything that you want to remember and everything you may want to tell the lawyer in the near future. You should write down everything as you remember it, especially if you are under the influence of alcohol. Memories can fade quickly after an injury.

Gather Witnesses

It is also important that you contact others at the concert if they witnessed what happened to you. Get their phone numbers or email addresses so they can be contacted by an attorney should you pursue a claim against the venue or event company. It is important that you gather information from others who may have been injured as well.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

You should contact an attorney as quickly as possible. Your attorney will play a critical role in helping you choose your next steps. Your attorney will also request evidence you may not have easy access to. For example, an attorney will help you collect evidence via camera footage or safety reports issued by the venue.

Do you have questions about your concert injuries? You have legal options. Contact a personal injury attorney today to discuss your injuries and how you can move forward with a legal case to recover the compensation you deserve.