Benzene Found In Some Suntan Lotions May Cause Blood Cancer

Benzene Found In Some Suntan Lotions May Cause Blood Cancer

4 February 2022
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Applying sunscreen is normally something you'd want to do to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. However, some sunscreen products, unfortunately, have contained benzene in the past and this is a known carcinogen. Benzene has been found in a variety of products including dyes, drugs, lubricants, pesticides, and sunscreen.

Sunscreen and Benzene Exposure

Sunscreen, also known as suntan lotion, is a product you apply to your skin to protect skin from the cancer-causing effects of excessive sun exposure. If the suntan lotion contains benzene, you may be exposed to this chemical as a result in the long term. As a result, you might suffer from the development of blood cancer.

The FDA has instructed companies not to manufacture products using benzene except in limited circumstances where the product otherwise could not be manufactured. Therefore, if you used a sunscreen product and are now suffering from blood cancer, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

How Benzene Ends Up in Sunscreen

In some cases, harmful ingredients like benzene can end up in a product by accident because the benzene might be created as a byproduct of manufacturing processes. Therefore, the manufacturer of the sunscreen may have never intended for the benzene to end up in the product. However, under product liability, a company is responsible if a product causes damage even if it was not intentional.

How to Seek Compensation for Your Injuries

To be able to receive compensation for your injuries, you will first need to prove that you suffer from cancer and that you consumed the product that was responsible for your developing cancer. You will need to prove that the product contained benzene. A personal injury lawyer will help you gather the evidence necessary to prove all of this.

Damages Suffered from Benzene Exposure

Once you have proven that the company is responsible for you getting cancer, you will then need to calculate the damages you have suffered so you can see compensation for your injuries. You must not overlook any damages because you will not be able to seek compensation after your case has been settled. 

The Resolution of Your Product Liability Case

The best way to resolve your product liability claim is out of court so that you can save time and avoid the expenses that result from taking your case to court. However, if you are not able to settle, your personal injury lawyer will help you put together a solid case and will represent you in court.

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