Accidents Caused By Slipping Or Tripping: How An Attorney Can Help You Get The Best Settlement

Accidents Caused By Slipping Or Tripping: How An Attorney Can Help You Get The Best Settlement

29 April 2022
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The law gives you the right to pursue payment after sustaining injuries on another person's property. However, you must understand your legal rights to avoid getting dodged by the wrongdoer and their insurer. Hiring a personal accident lawyer gives you an advantage when handling a slip and fall case. First, your lawyer evaluates your case to determine whether it meets the required threshold. After that, they will take several steps to ensure that you receive well-deserved compensation. They include the following: 

Provide Proof That Someone Failed In Their Duty 

Generally, accidents caused by slipping or tripping are hard to prove. But with the help of your lawyer, you can prove that someone failed in their duty. Through evidence, they will demonstrate that the responsible party failed to eliminate hazards from their premises. For example, if a pothole caused the fall, your lawyer can reveal the individual's negligence in undertaking the necessary repairs. In this case, they will ask the judge to hold the property owner, their employees, and agents accountable for your injuries. The culpable party should compensate you for your injury and other damages. 

Raise Arguments to Counter False Allegations

Naturally, the wrongdoer will use various defense tactics to evade the liability. But since your personal injury lawyer understands such gimmicks, they will develop strategies to counter the defenses. For instance, they will prove that the obstacle that led to a fall or trip existed long before the incident if the at-fault party denies it. 

Surveillance footage is crucial at this point. It will show that the person in charge of the building had enough time to take care of the hazard, but failed to do so. Your lawyer may also question whether the property owner had a property inspection policy and why they failed to follow it.

Prove That You Were Not at Fault

The person responsible for your injuries might also accuse you of being at fault to deny liability. In this case, they will want the judge to reduce your payment or fail to award you any compensation. Your lawyer can help you prove that you never participated in the accident by providing evidence to support your claim. For example, they might get witnesses who saw what happened. They will testify that you were walking carefully, but the hazardous conditions made your slip or trip, sustaining severe injuries.

Knowing your legal rights will enable you to recover the highest payment possible in your slip and fall accident claim. But you need to consult a personal injury lawyer since they deeply understand the law and the legal procedures required in the claim application process.