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Personal Injury Lawyer: Civil Litigation

4 January 2021
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If you're the victim of a crime that causes serious bodily injury, a personal injury lawyer can help you pursue civil litigation to recover damages. This civil litigation can be filed after the criminal case is settled, even if you receive punitive damages.  Here's how a personal injury lawyer can help you get the financial resources you need to recover from a serious injury. Filing After a Guilty Verdict If the individual(s) who injured you are found guilty in criminal court, your personal injury lawyer needs to prove that the injuries exceed the punitive damages awarded in the case. Read More …

When Does Strict Liability Apply in an Injury Case?

25 August 2020
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When a personal injury attorney thinks about how liability works in a client's case, there are normally questions that break responsibility up. The client may be partially responsible and not recover as much compensation as a consequence. One major exception to this pattern is what's known as strict liability. In this class of cases, the defendant is entirely liable for all the harm they caused if they're responsible at all. Let's look at what strict liability is, who it applies to, and how it might apply to your case. Read More …

Big Rig Danger And Personal Injury Damages

25 November 2019
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In a perfect world, vehicles share the road peacefully, obeying the rules, sticking to the speed limit, and never getting distracted. Unfortunately, thousands of accidents occur every day resulting in serious injuries and death to vehicle occupants. When it comes to vehicle vs. vehicle, wrecks can be extremely serious affairs. If you add big rig trucks to the mix, things get much worse much quicker. Read on to find out why big rigs are so dangerous. Read More …

Dealing With Unfair Pay At Work

10 October 2019
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Although money is needed to make a living, it doesn't mean that someone has to accept unfair treatment by an employer to bring home an income. It is necessary for the majority of employers to pay a specific rate per hour, but it depends on the job type and state laws. If you have a stressful job that involves doing a substantial amount of work for a very small rate of pay per hour, something can possibly be done about it. Read More …

3 Ways A Family Lawyer Can Help You Out

12 July 2019
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When it comes to matters of family, it can be helpful to have an attorney on-call. Family law attorneys handle divorce and custody issues, as well as estates and wills, and prenuptial agreements. #1 Prenuptial Agreement Before you get married, it can be helpful to have a prenuptial agreement in place. Prenuptial agreements are not just for the wealthy. They are for anyone who is getting married and wants to help protect their assets in the event of a divorce. Read More …